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The Extreme Couponers Cult – Are You A Member?

There has been a lot of hype about extreme couponing lately. There are seminars, online videos, classes, and blogs dedicated to the life of EXTREME COUPONING. I know quite a few people whose life’s goal is to work the coupon system. I really love coupons and I get excited when I see the total amount I saved on my receipt. However, I will never be in the same league as my extreme couponing friends.

Several of us were discussing couponing the other day. For me, my often lack of couponing isn’t about brand loyalty because there are only certain things that I am committed to buying certain brands of. There are also certain brands I won’t buy – even with a coupon. My biggest coupon dilemma is that I rarely get the coupons for the types of things I buy or those certain brands. It seems the majority of coupons in the Sunday paper are for cleaning products, pet foods and HBA (Health & Beauty) products. Since our grocery stores take competitors coupons I think the brands should start taking competitors coupons too.

My other problem with coupons is if I have a coupon I will try and use it – even if I don’t need it and it isn’t on sale. I then actually spend more than I planned. Kind of like going to payless during their BOGO sales – I can’t buy less than 4 pairs of shoes!

Yesterday I went to the grocery store and saved over $75 using my coupons and BOGO offers in addition to only buying items on sale. I only paid $41.64 for my entire cart. I was so proud of myself!

There are a lot of blogs out there dedicated to sharing their shopping experiences, couponing tips, and the week’s great deals with everyone. Here are 3 that I like:

Tampa Coupon Mama – I’m a little biased since Lisa is a friend of mine but she really is a master couponer and I’m learning from her how to increase my coupon savings. Her blog highlights her grocery & HBA shopping trips, savings and her advice on combining sales and coupons to get free stuff. Today she posted a great deal at Walgreens on Right Guard deodorant and body wash. She’s getting 12 free of each!

Frugal Coupon Living – Ashley has everything on her site you need to save a bundle, including a couponing lingo cheat sheet. Her blog not only includes coupon info but free samples and great online deals too. 

Nicole’s Nickels – Nicole likes to share money savers and money makers. I like how her blog actually separates all the deals by store in her navigation bar so I can filter out just the stores I want. While you are checking out all of the great deals, check out her Blogging For Japan post and leave a comment. She is donating .50 to relief efforts in Japan for every comment- up to $250! That’s amazing.

Pink Vanilla Cupcakes – While Suzie’s blog goes way beyond couponing, her husband is obsessed with coupon shopping. Occassionally he gets to take over and share his coupon acheivements.

There are so many more out there too. Do you have a favorite or do you have a couponing blog? Please leave a comment and share so we can all save a little more.


$35 CSN Stores Gift Certificate Giveaway

Even though the holidays are over, you can’t possibley be tired of shopping. You’ve spent weeks finding the perfect present for everyone on your list so now I’m starting the new year with the opportunity for you to treat yourself to something.

There is a lot of buzz around the blogosphere about CSN stores. CSN is your one stop shopping location for everything from counter stools for your kitchen to a new pair of shoes (they even have wide widths). They have over 200 stores – all accessible from one site. And shipping is free on just about everything. However, there may be international shipping charges in the case of Canadian addresses (CSN only ships to the US and Canada). One of the features I like most about their site is that each item shows you how many they currently have in stock. So you know instantly if an item you want is out of stock or in low inventory.

I was given the opportunity to purchase something from their website myself or give one of my lucky readers a $35 gift certificate to CSN Stores. I decided to start the new year and celebrate the official grand opening of my “new” blog with this great giveaway.

I haven’t had the opportunity to purchase anything from their site yet but I’ve done quite a bit of browsing. With so many products, you can easily spend several hours just window shopping through their site. I love these boots!

I was just browsing their site for some new luggage- that isn’t black. I like the Traveler’s Choice Freedom 3pc Lightweight Hard Shell Spinning/Rolling Travel Collection in Arctic Blue. I came to the conclusion on our recent trip that we really need to get some new luggage that is easily recognizeable. They have some really interesting selections that I would definitely be able to recognize easily as it comes around the luggage turnstile. How many times have you lifted just about every suitcase on the turnstile to see if it was your black bag?

There are so many stores and products, it would be impossible not to find something.

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The Fine Print: Current subscribers/followers are eligible too.  Make sure you include a valid email in your comment form (I can see your e-mail address so you don’t have to include it in your comment). The winner will be notified by email. Winner will then have 48 hours to respond before a new winner is chosen. CSN stores will contact the confirmed winner directly via email with the $35 gift certificate code. Misplaced Jersey Girl is not responsible for prize fulfillment.

Disclosure: I received the giveaway item at no charge. I received no other compensation from CSN stores. The opinions expressed here are my true opinions based on my experience and was in no way influenced by CSN Stores or anyone else.


# 128  Erinn Sluka


My Black Friday

I am proud to admit that I am a Black Friday shopper. I love it – the excitement of the great deals, the camaraderie while waiting on line, complete strangers comparing deals and sharing shopping tips, the thrill of getting to your item before they are all gone. Seriously, how can that not get you all excited?


I probably shouldn’t spread this around too much but Target has the best Black Friday experiences every year! I love it and I only get there an hour before they open and I’m still within the first 150 people. They have plenty of everything that is on sale unlike Best Buy, Walmart and other stores that advertise on the biggest shopping day of the year when they only stock 3 of that item! When I become leader of the free world that will no longer be allowed!

This year I was able to pick up a WII fit plus bundle with balance board for only $67 and I got some great gifts for everyone on my list at great prices. They always have amazing deals on clothes too. I got all the girls on my list complete outfits for about $11.

And, no lines. I don’t know how they always do that but I never wait on line at Target more than 2 minutes. Even on Black Friday I zipped right through.

 All in all, my receipt said I saved $150 during my Black Friday trip! Stop thinking what you’re  thinking – we’re not focusing on what I spent. The amount I saved is much more important, especially if you are talking to my husband.

I got a $10 gift card back and because I have a Target red card, I saved an extra  $15 off my order right there in the store! The Target red card deducts 5% of your purchase every time you use your card at Target and you can also specify which school a part of your purchase will be donated to (at no cost to you).

Toys “R” Us

TRU opened at 10 pm on Thanksgiving night. Since it was around the corner from my aunt’s house I figured I would stop by and pick up a few things before the Black Friday rush.

Nothing in their ad was a get it or regret it deal so I couldn’t understand the 1000+ people who were online outside the store. I would have been on that line at least 4 hours since they only let a certain number in at a time.   

Totally wasn’t worth it so I went home and went to sleep. I went back on Friday, went right into the store and got what I wanted. When I passed by it at 2:45 am there were still people on line outside waiting to get into the store.

Did you venture out into the stores or find good deals online? Share your big purchase.


I'm in Heaven – Handbag Heaven, That Is

Ok- when I started this blog I wanted a way to share my great shopping finds and cool new products. Like the rest of my life, it has somewhat evolved over time.  Well, today I have an inside tip for you on a great deal.

Tomorrow, Handbag Heaven is hosting their first ever Happy Hour from 2 PM to 4 PM only (EST). During that time,  the best-selling Valencia Blush Hobo (normally $71.95) will be only $29!  It comes in several colors.

Valencia Hobo Bag in Teal Blue

There’s no special code to input — they’ll just be lowering the price for two hours, so be sure to hop on over and check it out.

Handbag Heaven has hundreds of handbags starting at $10 and nothing over $85! They have a clearance sale going on now as well. If you spend $50 or more you get FREE SHIPPING! Those 2 words send shivers down my spine.  So, if you are a handbag hog like I am you can easily fill up that closet of yours.

While the happy hour bag isn’t my particular style, I do like the London Perforated Tote. It would be perfect for pairing with jeans for a classy but casual look or an all white outfit to give it a hint of color. It’s only $25 too!


Sophie Kinsella's Mini Shopaholic – Another Sneak Peek and Giveaway

Sophie Kinsella & her giveaway items

It’s rare to find a writer who presents such believable and well thought out characters that, even in the wildest of circumstances, we can related to and sympathize with. Sophie Kinsella, aka Madeleine Wickham, is exactly that writer. Her heroines are a combination of who we secretly want to be and who we fear we are most like.

My first encounter with Kinsella was the Shopaholic series. The book’s main character, Rebecca Bloomwood, is smart, independent, funny, and charming but cannot say no to a good sale and therefore gets herself into a heap of debt. Ironically, she is a financial journalist who finds herself on tv doling out financial advice. No matter how deep in debt she gets herself into at no point do you feel she is ditzy or incompetent (that is of course, unless you’ve only seen Isla Fischer’s portrayal of her in the movie)- she’s just a girl with faults and a fabulous shoe closet!

The Shopaholic series follows Rebecca from her single life in London to dating, career moves, moving to NY, finding a sister, married and then motherhood. So, it is no surprise that Sophie Kinsella is about to continue Rebecca’s shopping addiction with her young daughter. I can’t wait to see what trouble the little one creates in this new book, Mini Shopaholic, that is due out September 21st. I’ve already preordered my copy months ago!

Sophie Kinsella posted a sneak peek at the new book a while back and now she is offering the second of three sneak peeks. You can check it out here. She is also giving away 10 hardcover copies of Mini Shopaholic in a signed Keep Calm and Carry on Shopping tote bag. To enter, go here.

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