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I spy with my little eye…

My days are pretty full of observations – at work, on the playground, on the soccer field – even on the road. This week was no different. Here are s ome of them along with some helpful advise for those I’ve come across:

1. When having a serious conversation with someone, keep your hands out of your pants. Buy clothes that fit you instead of tucking and adjusting every 5 minutes.

2. It’s really frustrating when the very reason you like and respect someone is the exact same reason that person drives you nuts and frustrates you. It makes some days very long and meetings even longer.

3. The phrase “Hey guys, I need a jar of that blow stuff.” should never be the first words out of your mouth when you enter a room – in any context.

4. Some people can do amazing things with metal and a blow torch. I pass this amazing studio and yard full of art every day.

steel dragon

5. The Daytime Emmy Awards used to be an event. Now it is a cheezy sad excuse for an awards show on a second rate channel I never heard of. And they should probably change the name to the Young and the Restless awards.



Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…Oh, and Waiting

I’ll be the first to admit – sitting around waiting for things to happen is not my strong suite. Over the last few days I’ve been learning a lot about myself that I probably already knew. I’m a doer. I need to check things off my list and get things done.

I’m also coming to realize that I must have been a giant pain in the ass when I was a child for the days (and possibly weeks) leading up to my birthday, Christmas, Summer vacation, Halloween and any other point in time that I was anxiously and impatiently awaiting something.

I am currently waiting for someone to call me with news that affects a major part of my life. News I am very anxious to get and act on. I was told I would receive that news, regardless of the outcome, last week.

It’s now Tuesday and I’m still waiting. I envy people who can distract themselves enough to keep their minds off of things like this. I am not and never will be one of them.

My mom used to tease me all the time about this. I still can’t figure out how she could sit next to a wrapped present and walk by it for days with no interest at all in peeking inside, especially if it was for her. That can’t be normal, right?

It’s all I can do to not run through the streets screaming in the hopes that someone in a position to do something about it telepathically hears me and gets me the information.

At this point, any information is better than none at all. At least then, if it doesn’t go as I had planned I can accept it and move on. But this limbo thing – ugh!

Please send good thoughts my way. Maybe as a group we can collectively will someone’s mind into getting me the news I am waiting for.

And before anyone starts knitting me pink or blue booties – I promise, I’m not waiting for any – or + signs. Much to Bruce’s unhappiness.


The Search For The Obscure

Bruce is doing a scavenger hunt for his orthodontist’s office. There are all sorts of things on this list he has to take a picture with. Some of the items include:

– Someone who is at least 85 years old with a picture ID.
– A New Kids on the Block poster.
– Someone famous.
– Having a mock cookout at a lawn and garden store.
-Inside a red convertible.
-A fortune cookie. Extra points if it has the word happy in it.

We’re doing pretty well with the list so far but some of these are very difficult. Do you know how many famous people there are walking the streets of Tampa? None!

I figured I could find an old used New Kids on the Block magazine pin-up online for a few cents. But no. Apparently, they still have some fans out there because every online site that has them  is selling them for $40-$90! Seriously?  Most of this Bieber generation don’t even know who they are. Demand is not exactly justifying that kind of price.

We got the fortune cookie but it doesn’t have the word “happy” in it.

Luckily we live in Heaven’s waiting room next to a town called Sun City Center. It is 100% retirement communities. 

Yesterday, Bruce and I decided to hit up one of the retirement homes to find the 85-year-old. We struck gold! We met a woman who is 102, the second oldest resident in the home.

This woman is amazing. She still drives every day, just renewed her license, takes care of herself, cooks her own meals, dresses herself and does her own shopping. She is impeccably dressed and well-groomed. And she doesn’t use a walker, cane, wheel chair or anything.

The desk person called her and asked if she would help Bruce out with his project and she ran right down. When she showed up in the lobby, I nearly dropped to the floor. She didn’t look a day over 72!

When she was 100 she took a flight on Southwest airlines so she would get a free bottle of champagne.

I hope when I’m 60 I am doing 1/2 as well as she is.




Hi Ho, Hi Ho – It’s Back To Work I Go

Well, I didn’t win the lottery while I was on maternity leave so here I am – back at work. After being at home for 4 months I realized – I like not having to come to the office every day. I got so much accomplished. We ate dinner at a reasonable hour. Bruce made it to sports practice on time. Laundry got done and my kitchen was clean. I’d like to stay  home more often. Anyone got a good tip on a horse?

Last week was my first week back. I cried a lot. Fusspot was in daycare and we’ve already taken her out and moved her to a home daycare. Today is her first day with a wonderful family in a calmer, loving environment where her individual needs can be met. I feel a lot better today. And bonus – the daycare provider’s 19-year-old daughter works with her and is licensed as well. We get 2 daycare providers for the price of one and a babysitter out of the deal. Score!

Bruce came with us to meet the new daycare provider and he was very concerned that it be in a good neighborhood. When we got there he declared it was a great neighborhood – the people across the street had go-carts in their driveway; new daycare immediately got Big Brother’s stamp of approval. He wants to meet the neighbors. Their pet rooster sealed the deal.





Because I’m Right!

When Bruce was younger I never let him win at games. He had to learn to beat me on his own. He’s still learning how to beat me at most things.  

And when I’m right, I’m right. But being right is exhausting. Especially when you have to prove it to an 8-year-old.

Me: Are you excited? This is your first soccer tournament.

Bruce: We had one last year.

Me: Yes, but we weren’t there because we were on vacation. So this is your first one.

Bruce: But there was one last year.

Me: But you weren’t in it so this is your first one.

Bruce : Ugh. We had one last year. Why are you arguing with me?

Me : Because I’m right.

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