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10 Random Facts About Me – Blog Hop

I was on Twitter the other night and #20thingsaboutme was trending. I wondered if I could come up with 20 random facts about me. I only came up with 10.

If you’re a blogger, post 10 random facts about you on your blog and link back here. Leave a comment here with a link to your post.

If you are not a blogger, leave me a comment with an interesting fact about you. I love learning about people. You can even post on Facebook and tag others so they can do the same. Have fun.

1. You only get one chance – don’t screw it up.

2. I never liked the beach. I like concrete under my feet. Sand is icky. Being wet and getting sand stuck in places it shouldn’t be is even ickier.

3. When I was a kid at girl scout camp, I failed my deep water swimming test on purpose so I wouldn’t have to swim in the lake.  Seriously, there is sea weed in there and they expected me to put my high tops in that water. No thank you. I’ll sun bathe on a large towel instead.

4. I didn’t even want to go to girl scout camp but mom made me. Sleeping outside with bugs, no air-conditioning and forest animals was not my idea of a good way to spend the summer. I’m not Snow White.

5. I’m not an overprotective mom – kids need to be kids and experience life with limited filtering. But if you mess with my cubs you will get attacked by the bear. You don’t want that.

6. I suck at math. Unless a shoe sale is involved.

7. I’ll never be a size 6 again and I’m ok with that. It doesn’t deter me from eating ice cream. In fact, I enjoy it that much more.

8. I love listening to the conversations of young children. They. Crack. Me. Up.

9. I hate pumping my own gas. Respectable girls from NJ don’t do that sort of thing.

10. I once had an allergic reaction to penicillin. My only symptom was that my tongue turned black and the medical community couldn’t figure out why. To this day doctors don’t believe me so I just started telling them my throat closes up.


Earth Day Extravaganza 2011 – Bloggers & Companies Wanted

Earth day is fast approaching. I try to acknowledge it every year by using it as a reminder that there are simple things all of us can do to make the planet a better and safer place. 

A lot of people tend to think –

I’m only one person.

This is only 1 bottle.

Only harsh chemicals work effectively.

All of those statements are wrong.  Everything starts with one person. Every footprint you leave on our earth will affect you, the planet and the countless generations that come after you. We all have the power to leave a positive footprint or a harmful one.

If you’ve been around here a while, you know that while  I don’t consider myself an extreme environmentalist I have made the commitment to change a few things in my home

Use no chemical cleaning products.

Recycle all plastic bottles and aluminum cans (remembering to take out the recycling bin is the hard part).

Use filtered water when home and only use the bottle when on the go(I have yet to find a reusable water bottle that doesn’t make my water taste different so yes, we still buy bottled water).

Change all of our light bulbs to the energy efficient ones.

This year I decided to host an Earth Day Extravaganza. I’ll be highlighting a variety of eco-friendly products in April. There will be reviews and giveaways. I already have some great companies lined up.

If there are any earth-friendly companies out there that wish to have their products reviewed and given away, please contact me. I’d love to include you.

Bloggers Wanted

In addition to the reviews I will be doing, I welcome other bloggers to join the blog hop. I’ll post a list of participating bloggers and keep the list on the Earth Day Extravaganza page.

If any bloggers are interested in participating  please contact me with the name of your blog, the product you will be reviewing/giving away and a link to your blog. Each blogger is responsible for securing at least one giveaway item for a product that is eco-friendly. Posts must be posted the week of April 17th but there can be more than one.

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