Waiting, Waiting, Waiting…Oh, and Waiting

I’ll be the first to admit – sitting around waiting for things to happen is not my strong suite. Over the last few days I’ve been learning a lot about myself that I probably already knew. I’m a doer. I need to check things off my list and get things done.

I’m also coming to realize that I must have been a giant pain in the ass when I was a child for the days (and possibly weeks) leading up to my birthday, Christmas, Summer vacation, Halloween and any other point in time that I was anxiously and impatiently awaiting something.

I am currently waiting for someone to call me with news that affects a major part of my life. News I am very anxious to get and act on. I was told I would receive that news, regardless of the outcome, last week.

It’s now Tuesday and I’m still waiting. I envy people who can distract themselves enough to keep their minds off of things like this. I am not and never will be one of them.

My mom used to tease me all the time about this. I still can’t figure out how she could sit next to a wrapped present and walk by it for days with no interest at all in peeking inside, especially if it was for her. That can’t be normal, right?

It’s all I can do to not run through the streets screaming in the hopes that someone in a position to do something about it telepathically hears me and gets me the information.

At this point, any information is better than none at all. At least then, if it doesn’t go as I had planned I can accept it and move on. But this limbo thing – ugh!

Please send good thoughts my way. Maybe as a group we can collectively will someone’s mind into getting me the news I am waiting for.

And before anyone starts knitting me pink or blue booties – I promise, I’m not waiting for any – or + signs. Much to Bruce’s unhappiness.


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