The Phobias Continue

I’ve shared my biggest phobia with you already. But, I’m a big baby so there are lots of  other things that freak me out to.

1. & 2. Those RIP car decals that show the years someone lived and those roadside memorials. These are related so I’m combining them. I never knew how popular these were until I moved to FL. Since most of our roads are flanked by trees, woods and ditches there seems to be a memorial every 20 feet. And I like to read car stickers and decals so both of these things really freak me out.

When I’m doing 70 down a highway I don’t really want to be distracted by the balloons, flowers, wreaths and candles on the side of the road or in the grassy median. They leave out the part that the memorial is often the result of someone who decided to play chicken with an SUV. I don’t want to be reminded that at any minute that memorial could be for me.

If someone dies on a plane do they put a memorial plaque on that seat and remind everyone that at any minute that plane could go crashing to the ground or if you encounter a medical emergency you are thousands of miles away from help? And do you want to get on that plane and stare at it for 3 hours?

3. Tuna fish. I like to eat it I just can’t look at it before it is mixed up. Whenever I want a tuna sandwich, Ryan has to make it for me. It just looks nasty when it is sitting in that can and reminds me of cat food, which brings me back to my ultimate fears!

4. Needles. ‘nough said. Although, to say that the Anaesthesiologist during the birth of my first child threatened to leave would be an understatement.

5. Hurricanes, tsunamis, and tornadoes. These things are out of my control and therefore things to be feared.

6. Throwing a party or event and no one showing up. I don’t ever want to feel the way Bobby Brady felt when no one came to his birthday party. I’d look pretty silly wearing a party hat in a room by myself.


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