Brighten Up Your Desk, Cubicle, Or Home With This…

I recently made Fusspot’s “nanny” a present for her daycare. She has a little table with a form that all the parents have to sign each day during drop off and pickup. Like most desks, pens are always disappearing. So, I made her this:

That isn’t the greatest picture but I forgot to take a finished picture. See those flowers – they are pens. They are so simple to make  and when finished, they look adorable in a vase or pail of marbles, rice, or sand. Since this is for a daycare, I used large rocks inside the pail so the kids couldn’t choke on them if one fell.

Say bye-bye to misplaced pens. Now, the next time someone walks away from your desk with one of your pens, they will know it isn’t theirs.  And they perk up any tired old cubicle with a little bit of spring. Some might not even realize they aren’t real flowers.

What you’ll need:

  • artificial flowers
  • pens
  • floral tape
  • baby’s breath (optional)
  • a vase or pail
  • decorative items you want to use to decorate the vase
  • wire cutters
  • hot glue gun or crazy glue

How to do it:

1. Strip the heavy plastic coating off the flower stem but be careful not to break the wire. Keep the leaves and don’t remove the coating on them.

2. Take the top off of the pen and slide the flower wire into the pen’s ink tube. Hot glue it in place.

3. Starting at the base of the flower, wrap the floral tape around the pen and flower down towards the pen tip. Repeat as necessary to secure the leaves. If you want to add baby’s breath, secure with the floral tape.

4. Put the cap back on the pen carefully over the tape or discard the pen cap.

5. Stand the pens up in the vase or holder of your choice. I used a metal pail and simply hot glued ribbon around it, covering the seams with ribbon bows.




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