Unreal Chocolate Is Unneccessary

I was in CVS this afternoon and their magic coupon machine printed out a coupon for a FREE candy bar. I’m not a big candy eater but I do have some candy goals on my bucket list – the new Girl Scout Thin Mint candy bars and Unreal Candy bars.

This coupon was for the Unreal candy bar. So I picked up the peanut butter cups. This is what they look like:

Well, I didn’t think to take a picture of the actual candy before I ate it so the wrapper will have to do.  You get the idea.

Since I don’t understand all the terms on the ingredients wrapper I can’t speak to the whole “No artificial flavors, corn syrup, or preservatives” theory. I’m not sure why they are supposedly better than Real candy.

But I can say this – Eh.

One of the ingredients is icing sugar which was definitely what I tasted. It had a very gritty, sandy texture. And I’ve been sick ever since.

Moral of the story: Your body needs chemicals, toxins and real chocolate. If you try to trick it you will be sorry.  



4 Responses to “Unreal Chocolate Is Unneccessary”

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    A.Smith says:

    LOL!! I tried some all natural, low sugar, artificial, blah blah blah peanut butter chocolate cups one time (I was on the atkins diet) and I couldn’t even get them down. They were horrible and I never thought I would say that about something the had the word chocolate in it. It’s been all or nothing for me every since 😉

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    Girl Scouts make candy bars now? Are they the Crunch ones? I had the Samoas Crunches. They’re good.
    thoughtsappear recently posted..A Pop-Tart Falling Out

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    Brandy says:

    You speak the truth, sister! I love me some chocolate.

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