The Search For The Obscure

Bruce is doing a scavenger hunt for his orthodontist’s office. There are all sorts of things on this list he has to take a picture with. Some of the items include:

– Someone who is at least 85 years old with a picture ID.
– A New Kids on the Block poster.
– Someone famous.
– Having a mock cookout at a lawn and garden store.
-Inside a red convertible.
-A fortune cookie. Extra points if it has the word happy in it.

We’re doing pretty well with the list so far but some of these are very difficult. Do you know how many famous people there are walking the streets of Tampa? None!

I figured I could find an old used New Kids on the Block magazine pin-up online for a few cents. But no. Apparently, they still have some fans out there because every online site that has them  is selling them for $40-$90! Seriously?  Most of this Bieber generation don’t even know who they are. Demand is not exactly justifying that kind of price.

We got the fortune cookie but it doesn’t have the word “happy” in it.

Luckily we live in Heaven’s waiting room next to a town called Sun City Center. It is 100% retirement communities. 

Yesterday, Bruce and I decided to hit up one of the retirement homes to find the 85-year-old. We struck gold! We met a woman who is 102, the second oldest resident in the home.

This woman is amazing. She still drives every day, just renewed her license, takes care of herself, cooks her own meals, dresses herself and does her own shopping. She is impeccably dressed and well-groomed. And she doesn’t use a walker, cane, wheel chair or anything.

The desk person called her and asked if she would help Bruce out with his project and she ran right down. When she showed up in the lobby, I nearly dropped to the floor. She didn’t look a day over 72!

When she was 100 she took a flight on Southwest airlines so she would get a free bottle of champagne.

I hope when I’m 60 I am doing 1/2 as well as she is.




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