That’s Why I’m A Girl Scout

When Rosa Parks sat down in the front of that bus she was fighting a war the best way she knew how – with opposition and determination. She took a stand against many much more powerful than herself. She took a stand against a government that was losing ground with the vast majority of people. In the end, that war was won.  While the civil rights movement might seem like ancient history to a new generation, it sadly is still being fought in this country and around the world. EVERY. DAY.

Only now, it isn’t the color of your skin that is fueling the fight against the coexistent of our differences (although one would be naive to think that fight is completely over) – it’s one’s sexual orientation. It seems everywhere you turn nowadays the main issues on everyone’s mind are gay marriage, Proposition 8, Don’t Ask Don’t Tell, same-sex child abuse cases, companies that financially support anti-gay groups, companies that financially support pro-gay groups, and whether to allow openly gay individuals be part of long-standing organizations like the boy scouts or the military.

The recent decision made by the Boy Scouts of America has me wondering not only when society’s practice of needing to classify and crucify a group will end but when those in power will stop forcing their individual beliefs on corporate policy. When do we put our energy into working together and accepting people’s differences to create a world noticeably better for us, our children and their great-great-grandchildren.

The Boy Scouts, on their website, claim to teach children “affirmative values such as fairness, courage, honor, and respect for others”. Isn’t that a bit hypocritical to then deny those who have the courage to be open about who they are, the honor to respect themselves and tell the truth about how they chose to live their lives? How is denying membership to a select group of people, based on traits they quite possibly acquired at birth, teaching children fairness towards those who are different from them? Ignoring any group of people is not a show of respect.

Next, boys with red hair might not be allowed in. Quick, moms, start dying your children’s hair and tell them to be ashamed of who they are and what they have to offer the world.

I am baffled that this is even an issue for the Boy Scouts. Do they think by not allowing children to associate with openly gay people they will “save” their children from becoming gay by association? Do they fear that openly gay people are the primary child molesters in this country? Newsflash – when was the last time you heard a case about an openly gay person committing sex crimes on a minor? It’s the people who hide their true identities that you should be worried about. Those are the ones who need to sneak into bathrooms and basements, creating situations to be alone with children,  to carry out their fantasies.

I recommend the Boy Scouts of America change their name. Maybe Boy Scouts of the Straight America Only. They do not represent America. They now publicly verified that they only represent those Americans who have a specific sexual orientation.

Personally, I would never allow my child to be part of an orgazation that teaches intolerance. I have to agree with a former male colleague of mine, who is also a minister and father of a daughter – “That’s why I’m a girl scout!” I might even buy a few extra boxes of cookies this year.


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    Kristie says:

    I am a pretty open and liberal person. I raise my children to have the same openess about other people, whether it be their size, color, religious beliefs, or who they choose to love. I believe that EVERYONE has a right to choose, as long as they are safe and happy, and that is what I tell my children. I usually do not get in the middle of arguments like this, but that being said, this post kind of frustrated me. My husband and son have both been active in cub scouts for a few years now. They both love it. I love who my son is. He is very respectful, shows MUCH integrity, even in situtions where normally a child probably wouldnt. Do I think that is boy scouts or me as a parents doing??? I think it is OUR job as parents to instill that kind of qualities in our children. Yes, he enjoys cub scouts and learns things from it, but not ONCE in the years that my son has been doing activities with scouts has anything having to do with same sex relationships come up , actually the exact opposite. One of my son’s very good friends ,who is also in scouts, has two mothers. They both come to every meeting, go to every camp out and are on the cub scout commitee. Nobody has ever told them they are not welcome. So, what I am trying to say is that maybe just because its in the news, doesnt necessarily mean it actually is ALL scouts. Just some big wigs that think they can put their two cents in. Please dont write it as if ALL scouts brainwash these kids into thinking that if you have two parents that are the same sex then that is wrong, cause that is just not the case.

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      Denise says:

      I respect your opinion as a mom of a scout. I applaud your troop’s effort to go against the corporate policy of the organization that your troop represents. The thing is that the BSoA have now made an official statement and determination that this is the policy that their organization is going to be supporting going forward. They even made the statement that this represents the beliefs of the majority of their troops and the people involved in their organization – true or not, that is their position. I hope that your troop can continue to practice against their organization’s official stance without incident. I hope even more that the troops who are against this policy make it clear to the Powers That Be, who do have the authority to shut down noncompliant troops, that the organization needs to change their way of thinking to survive.

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