Venus Schmenus & Other Conspiracy Theories

Since Friday all I’ve seen are rain and clouds, with a little lightning thrown in here and there. It must be Mother Nature’s way of getting even with the government for lying about this whole Venus Transit thing that supposedly only happens once every hundred years.

I’ve seen pictures like this one all over the web.

Venus Schmenus. It looks like a black dot drawn on  a picture of the sun. Ever hear of Photoshop? Fusspot could have done that.

Yesterday, I think President Obama and his friends were having a good laugh at our expense.

First the government made us believe a man walked on the moon and now a planet crosses over the sun. Us Americans sure are gullible.

Next thing you know we’ll be believing there really were 2 World Wars.

Who is going to argue with “You won’t see it happen again because it only happens once every hundred years.” None of us will likely be around then to prove it was all a joke. If we are, who is going to remember?

I’m going to write myself a letter so in another hundred years when it doesn’t happen I can prove it was all a lie. It worked for Marty McFly. Maybe I should look into getting a DeLorean.


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