Debby’s Eviction Notice

When we decided to move from NJ to FL a little over 6 years ago I had visions of this:

However, for the last several weeks all we”ve seen is this:

I work down the street from the picture above, which is Tampa. Debby is becoming more than a slight annoyance. She has overstayed her welcome and is becoming one of those annoying guests that make themselves a little too comfortable. Like she never plans to leave.

Do you know what it’s like to have an 8-year-old constantly ask you if he can go outside and play as you explain to him that the high winds and torrential downpours are not “going out to play” weather. It goes something like this:

Bruce: Can I play outside now?

Me: no, it’s raining

Bruce: I don’t mind playing in the rain.

Me: It’s really windy.

Bruce: I don’t care.

Me: You can’t go outside.

Bruce: Why?

Me: sigh Didn’t we just have this conversation?

Bruce: I don’t know but can I go out and play?

Me: No, it’s raining.

Bruce: O. It doesn’t look like it’s raining anymore. I think I can play in that.

Me: sigh

Bruce: I bet Adam is playing outside at his house.

Me: Adam’s mom is nicer than yours. If you move in with Adam you can play outside.

Bruce: No – they don’t have any cereal I like at their house.

Me: Then I guess you have to decide what’s more important – cereal or playing outside in the rain.

Bruce: Hmmm… I’ll stay here until the sun comes out. I can go for some cereal now. See ya.

Me: great – hand me that bottle of wine on your way there, will ya?

Now, Debby, we’ve been a patient host but it is time for you to leave. You’ve overstayed your welcome. I would like to enjoy that jet ski trip we’ve been planning for weeks now and have rescheduled 3 times. We only have a few more weeks of non-sports related weekends and would like to enjoy them. How is Fusspot supposed to work on her tan if the sun is in permanent hiding? My Shamu float is looking sad since he floated out of the pool.

You’ve come and seen the sites now please move on! 







2 Responses to “Debby’s Eviction Notice”

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    Kiefer and I just got back from Tampa. Stupid Debby…stupid flooding…stuprid tornadoes.

    Is that Bayshore Blvd?
    ThoughtsAppear recently posted..I’ll Be Standing on the Corner

    • 1.1
      Denise says:

      Yes, I read your post too but my connection at work doesn’t let me leave comments on any other blogs anymore and then I forget at home. ugh. It sucks when you visit Fl and have to leave as white as you came. not fair to the fair skinned. I was surrounded by tornadoes this weekend.

      ps- I think you are officially offering more than Keifer and he should be paying you not vice versa. Ice cream has gone up in value over the years.

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