Things I heard This Weekend

Things I heard this weekend:


Me:”You don’t have the authority to boss anyone around in this house.”

Bruce:”Yes, I get to be the boss of Fusspot, daddy is the boss of me and you are the boss of all of us.”

I can’t argue with that!


Ryan Reynolds looking at the clouds: “Look, Bruce – it’s a tornado.”

Bruce “Daddy, that’s a cloud – go back to kindergarten.”


Ryan Reynolds to Fusspot: “I like your new Dora bathing suit.”

Bruce: “It’s not a bathing suit, it’s a chickini(took him about 8 tries to get that word out- kept getting as far as chick).”

Me: “You mean a bikini, which is a bathing suit.”


 Bruce and his teammates in the dugout during a baseball game. They were trying to get each other to spell “up”. When one would they would all laugh hysterically.

Then Bruce kept asking me to spell “up.” Finally, he says in a fit of laughter “U-P. Get it?”  Must have thought I never heard of that one before.

 The things boys find funny!


 Bruce: “I can’t wait till I’m 13.”

Me: “Why?”

Bruce: “Because then I get to have a Barmitzkiva” (Barmitzva)

Me: “Um, we’re not Jewish. “

Bruce: “I know but can I have one anyway?”


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