A Day In The Life Of A Working Mom – Part 1

I just read a blog post from a SAHM about how difficult being a SAHM is and what her typical day is like. She is a little sensitive about her friend being upset that she didn’t return her e-mail.

I’ll be honest – I was exhausted reading her “typical day”.  But I was more exhausted knowing that I had to put her typical 8 hour day on top of my 8 hour work day. And her whining was annoying.

Before you go hating on me, let me be clear – I have nothing against SAHMs. My personal feelings about it aside, moms in general are sleep-deprived, under paid, stretched too thin, and probably taken for granted more often than not.  But I’m kind of tired of this conversation.

I have known quite a few SAHMs who have spent a good amount of time arguing how easy I have it because I get to escape to the office all day. Yes, I take offense to that. And yes, when a SAHM’s kids are older, in school all day, can wipe their own butts and find some nourishment in the pantry to keep themselves from starving, others will wonder what it is that you do all day.  It’s an honest question.

The author of this blog post spends a good deal of her post lamenting over the difficulty of getting 2 kids up and dressed while trying to make a 4 course breakfast. What’s worse – the diaper genie is full and the bag needs to be changed but the bags are in the kitchen.

Might I suggest organizing things a bit better and keeping extra bags in the bottom of the diaper genie?

Now, here is where I really take offense to this “woe is me” story. Try having to do all these same things each morning while having to be out the door by 7am. Then having to do the rest of her day after spending 8 hours in the office.

Do you know what this working mom’s typical day is like? I’ll tell you in Part 2…….

Disclaimer: Again – let me be clear – this is not in any way and anti-SAHM post. It’s just the flip side of one mom’s blog post.


3 Responses to “A Day In The Life Of A Working Mom – Part 1”

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    Jacqui says:

    i just read that article and i wanted to smack the lady writing it! she said she doesn’t get much sleep because she has kids sleeping in her bed! make them sleep in there own bed! problem solved! she needs to be organised… it also seems like she lets her kids climb all over her, come one who lets her kids change off the oven while its still on, or just been on? yeah! those kids need to be sitting down in there high chairs OR at the table while she makes her precious coffee. its went on and on and on. i couldn’t read it anymore. lol. I’m a stay at home mom and i work from home as well and shes making it more complicated then her situation really was. she could make things better.
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      Denise says:

      Maybe her husband should buy her one of those automatic coffee pots that turn themselves on so her coffee is ready and waiting when she wakes up. Here it is 1pm and I still haven’t eaten or drank anything yet today. Her pancakes, eggs and whatever would never see the light of day in my house.

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