Tips To Keep Family Safe From Cold And Flu Germs

I love the Fall and winter in Florida is actually quite comfortable temperature-wise(with the exception of last year’s coldest Florida winter in ages). But the Fall and Winter seasons also bring along 1 very unpleasant season – Cold and Flu Season.

I am lucky that Bruce is typically healthy and rarely ever gets sick. I think this is because I was never a germ-o-phobe mom. I never scrubbed bottles or binkies when they hit the floor, I didn’t require everyone to scrub themselves till their skin fell off when they wanted to hold him, and I don’t like or use hand sanitizer (the chemicals in that stuff are more toxic than the germs).  I didn’t put air purifiers all over the house when he was younger and dust could often be misidentified as part of the decor in my home. Bruce has been in a daycare environment since he was 10 weeks old.

I firmly belive that by building up his immune system at an early age, we’ve helped him to resist many viruses and illnesses and help his body react positively to most allergens or germs.

Don’t get me wrong – my house is fairly clean, I find many boy-induced actions pretty gross and I don’t encourage deliberate passing of germs. I do take some precautions as I’m sure most families do and I do think it’s possible to keep your family almost completely cold and flu free.

Some of my tips for keeping cold and flu germs to a minimum:

1. Although I’m a big believer in natural cleaning products, Lysol wipes are always well stocked in my house. I don’t follow children around with them but I do wipe down my counters, door knobs, remotes,  bathrooms, faucets and handles with them on a regular basis. Clean, disinfected kitchen surfaces are a requirement in my house.

2. I also occasionally walk around the toy room and spray Lysol. With lots of kids playing with all those toys on a regular basis germs are everywhere. Lysol is a name that I have always trusted and feel safe using. Lysol Spray and Lysol Wipes kill 99.9% of bacteria and viruses on hard non porous surfaces.

3. I am constantly making Bruce wash his hands- with soap. I always take for granted that the soap aspect of hand washing goes without saying, but anyone with little boys knows that soap is not seen as a necessity on a daily basis.

4. When it comes to sneezing I taught my son to sneeze into his elbow, not his hands, the air or on someone else.

5. Since most illnesses are passed through the eyes and mouth it’s important  not to wipe your nose or sneeze on your hands and then touch your eyes without washing them first for at least 20 seconds.

6. Dress according to the weather. Often, we get sick because of a sudden change in temperature. This is all too common in Florida where we’ll get 3 days of much cooler weather and then right back up to 87 degrees. It’s important to dress in layers so your body doesn’t overheat or become chilled.

Hopefully, this Cold and Flu season everyone in my house can stay healthy, including the new baby. If you follow some of these tips your family can stay healthy too.

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