Original Sprout Review- Vegan Beauty Products

The Original Sprout product line might be one of my favorites that I’ve tried the last few weeks for Earth Day.  This line was started by a mom who is also a master hair stylist. After using these products, it’s no wonder they have a huge Hollywood following and are a favorite on many tv and movie sets.

This line takes Natural to a whole new level. Their hair and moisturizing and sunscreen products are not only free of parabens, nanoparticles, petroleum oils, formaldehyde,phthalates,sulfates but they are also 100%Vegan and biodegradable with no soy, gluten or dairy either. The fact that they even have to mention the lack of some of those is scary. No wonder they call it Worry-Free Luxury.

I love that for every product they list the complete ingredients list. I can pronounce everything on it.

All of their products are recommended for babies & up. They are as gentle on babies as they are effective on adults. They have eczema and crad

I loved the Scrumptious Baby Cream and the Miracle Detangler. They have a very light scent that reminded me of St. Joseph’s baby aspirin. I know that is an odd comparison but I have always loved the smell of that aspirin. It is very light and refreshing. It just reminds me of a clean baby.

The cream left my son’s skin very smooth and soft. There was no greasy residue or heavy lotiony feel. It soaked right in to his skin without having to rub it forever.

The detangler was great for my hair. I have very long hair and it occasionally gets tangled. I just used 2 small pumps of the spray and it got rid of all of my knots. This is great for little girls with long straight hair and would definitely have saved me a lot of pain growing up as my mom tried combing through the knots.

I am thinking of trying their hair gel because Bruce is into spiking his hair now. I don’t want to ruin his hair with all those chemical hair products like I did when I was younger. It’s

Their products are available on their website, a number of health food stores nationwide and select salons worldwide. Their prices are typical salon product prices but if you are looking for a good splurge once in a while I recommend these products. They aren’t watered down so you are actually getting more for your money and using less.

The Original Sprout company is a family owned business and everything is made in the USA. The company itself is a green company. They use recyclable packaging, avoid extra packaging , recycle bottles, paper and plastic and have skylights to save on energy.

Special Offer: Original Sprouts is offering Misplaced Jersey Girl’s readers with a 10% discount of your first order. Use code FIRST_ORDER_10-U.

Disclosure: I received various products to review  at no charge. No other compensation was received. The opinions expressed here are my true opinions based on my experience and was in no way influenced by anyone else.


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    Denise, nice review – I’d add to this that the product was conceived by a mother whose baby daughter had eczema, so it’s perfect for anyone with skin allergies or conditions – or not :)

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    Mary says:

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